Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to remotely view and test certificate, intermediate certs, and root certificate

There are a few instances during a Lync deployment (Edge, Mobility, EWS) when you need to see all the information about a public certificate, but you do not have easy access to the system that contains the certificate, intermediates, and root certificates.

I have found the help page at Digicert to give me all the information I need, even if the certificate is not issued by Digicert.

Normally you would just type in a server name and off it goes and queries port 443 by default. That works great if you are testing a cert on port 443. But if you have a cert of port 5061?

it is as easy as <Server Name>:5061

Digicert SSL Certificate Check returns the certificate with Common Name, Subject Alternative Names, and Issuer. Most importantly though, if you look further down you will see the entire certificate chain.

Having this information is especially handy if you are dealing with GoDaddy certs.

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