Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Plantronics new Calisto 800 series and Voyager PRO UC

I have been deeply involved with Unified Communications since 2003 and there is ultimately only one thing that can make or break a deployment.

The users experience.

Along with having a well-designed user interface, the audio device and quality of the call should be of utmost concern. If the user has consistently bad calls and problems configuring and using an audio device, then it makes no difference how great the rest of the features are. I've also found that users who have bad experiences remember those bad experiences for a very long time.

Today, Plantronics has announced some products that have some features that promise to improve the user experience and in some cases make using an audio device nearly effortless.

Calisto 800 Series

All three of the Calisto 800 series speakerphones blur the line between home, mobile, and office communications. There are options to connect to a PC, mobile phone, and even a standard analog line. A headset can be connected corded or cordless with Bluetooth.

Along with the usual features of full-duplex, HD audio, Plantronics has added an intuitive visual display that allows a user to control many aspects of the call from the speakerphone.

Users also have the option to use a wireless lapel microphone that gives the ability to move around freely.

How many times has someone done some white boarding and people on a speakerphone have a hard time hearing what is being said?

How many executives like to walk around their office while discussing their next big strategy to take over the world, but don't want to be bothered with a headset?

Voyager PRO UC Headset

Plantronics is trying to make using a wireless headset completely painless and they just might have succeeded.

They have now included smart sensor technology to detect when the user is actually wearing the headset.

Now, I thought with the release of the Lync client and the crazy simple ability to switch between devices was pure genius. But now, Plantronics even does the devices switching for you as you place the headset on your ear or if it is not on your ear it will send the call to your phone.


I can't tell you how many times I've answered a call and forgot that the last time I made a call I was using a headset. All of a sudden, I'm hunting around for the call window so I can switch my device back to my desk phone.

This headset will even set your presence in Lync to busy if you have answered a call from your mobile phone using the headset.


I simply can't wait to get my hands on a new Calisto speakerphone and Voyager PRO UC.

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