Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Exchange UM Express Messaging

When replacing voice mail systems from from companies like Avaya/Nortel, the customer may expect to have the functionality of Express Messaging. Express Messaging is essentially a number that users can call to leave a voice mail directly in a users mailbox without ringing their phone.

Not only can you replicate this functionality with Exchange UM, you can do it speech enabled so the caller only has to speak a persons name.

How to create speech enabled Express Messaging Auto Attendant in Exchange UM
  1. Use a WAV editor (Audacity works well) and record a greeting for this feature similiar to the following (format should be WAV, 8khz, Mono): Welcome to Exchange UM express messaging, to leave a message for someone , say thier name , or dial their extension"
  2. Create a new Exchange Auto Attendant that is speech enabled.
  3. After the Exchange UM Auto Attendant is created, edit the properties and in the features tab uncheck "Allow callers to transfer to users".
  4. In the features tab check "Allow callers to send messages".
  5. In the features tab uncheck the "Allow transfer to operators".
  6. In the dialing restritions tab check the "Allow calls to users within the same dialing plan".
  7. In the dialing restrictions tab check "Allow calls to extenstions".
  8. In the greetings tab assign the recording you made in step 1

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